For the Corinthian who seeks value and immersion. BloodStock is a unique platform for engagement with horse racing.

Unlike conventional methods, our product brings you into the game in a meaningful way to reward your commitment and make the industry sustainable.

The modern way to trade Equine assets via digital systems.

What is it?

Thanks for taking the time to familiarise yourself with our new venture in racing. Blood Stock.

The goal of this company is to give back to racing and to increase engagement with and understanding of the industry in the round. Ultimately we will act as a beneficial intermediary for the movement of resources from outside of racing into the Game itself. This will aid with the industry’s strategic direction to its benefit and the betterment of the breed.

How we achieve this is through a superficially complex but practically simple solution.

We are offering the people the opportunity to invest in derivative shares of a pool that is populated with discrete populations of the racing lives of racehorses.

The discrete periods of the horses’ lives can be multifarious but let’s use a specific example.

In Ireland the premier sale of flat-bred yearlings is the Goffs Orby Sale. This is a discrete population. All participants in this sale are ultimately qualified to aim for the Goffs Millions Race held the following year. This is a discrete period of a racehorse’s career.

With the example above we will generate the population of the sale on our platform and allow for share trading all throughout the 2 year old career of the horse up to their ultimate goal of the Goff’s Millions. After the race shares are realised in the pool and monies distributed.

The payout for a canny investment can be significant. We will incentivise the reinvestment of this money into racing itself by offering the owner’s of the successful shares the opportunity to claim a voucher in lieu of their cash reward with a voucher for a forthcoming sale in an auction house in Ireland to the value 20% greater than the cash lump sum available.

This can be substantial, shares of the winning horse will be valued at in the region of €3000 upon realisation. Effectively the owner of each share can go to the sales with a voucher for €5000 in their pocket to purchase a real, flesh and blood, horse.

This is how we migrate people from being passive fans to active investors in our game. Join us on this journey and get in the game.

Diarmuid O Donovan Founder BloodStock

Industry Problems

  • There is no easy path to ownership of thoroughbred horses for the majority of the population
  • The antiquated methodology of asset management in the bloodstock industry with high inherent worth but low flexibility and exposure to outside markets
  • There is poor data integrity of information about thoroughbreds for punters, investors and racing officials
  • There is poor access to stud data for all stakeholders from horse owners to the general user as the stud book is paper based and difficult to index and search.

Our Solution

Revolutionize the Bloodstock industry by building on the existing framework of the thoroughbred market and innovate by creating a distributed database as the single source of truth with immutable digital records that enable capturing of rich and verifiable information.

This system stores information about each horse as a node in a metanet graph. The edges in the graph will form the relational links between each horse in the database.

This allows the value of this information to be used, stored, shared and monetized in new ways not possible with legacy technology systems.

We are creating a platform for micro-shares that represent partial ownership of the horses. These shares can be traded in real-time enriching and replacing the conventional betting market.

Our goal is to convert 20% of the punts that are placed on horses to investments in horses instead. The current global gambling market on racing is crica 200Bln€

The Problem

Converting the traditional Bloodstock industry into a digital based solution and becoming the industry standard.

The Market

The Global Market for Equine trading is vast and is primed for the solution we propose to propel it into the modern digital age.

The White Paper

For an indepth understanding of our Bloodstock solution you can review the whitepaper right here.

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